Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Know...I Know

I promise that eventually I will be back to blogging everyday.
Some things have been preventing me lately...

I've got a yard sale on Saturday, and I've been getting stuff together and priced like a mad woman! So far I have 4 GIANT tubs of stuff that have been priced and I still have to go through our outdoor storage and mine and Chris' closet.

I literally spent ALL day today on the computer filling out job applications. I've been doing this since Sunday...I think. All I know for sure is that I've been doing it for multiple days, and I've gotten 2-3 calls and/or emails for job interviews. They were all wonderful job opportunites, but I guess when they looked at my resume they didn't notice that I was 1-3 hours from their offices (I didn't apply for these jobs, they saw my resume).

I think that Easton has a little summer cold. Top that with teething and you've got one fun baby.

My. House. Is. A. Disaster.
It doesn't matter hard I clean it...even cleaning it NEVER, EVER clean for more than 24 matter how hard I try.
You want to talk about making my anxiety go through the roof...yeah...that'll do it.

I'm getting SO sick and tired of my husband being gone all the time for softball...and up next is football season.
Don't get me wrong...I LOVE sports, and I love that Chris is able to play them, but it is WAY too hot for me to take Easton out there in this ridiculous heat.
Football season won't be as bad because by the time the games start, it will be cool enough in the evenings that Easton and I can go. Plus, they're only during the week, so it won't butt into our weekends.

If any of my amazing readers have any ideas for the above problems...please let me know!

Keep it sassy!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

Hi my little sassy, classy followers! 
It's been a while!

So I've go a lot to catch you guys up on...well kinda.

Easton is now 6 months old! I know! I can't believe it either! 
He's HUGE!
He's eating baby food...and loving it.
He can hold the bottle by himself...HUGE help for Mommy and Daddy!
He's drinking up to 4 ounces of diluted apple juice a day out of a sippy cup.
He's drinking water out of a sippy cup.
He's holding said sippy cup.
He's rolling ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!
He's starting to scoot, so I think crawling is just around the corner!
He's wearing 6-9 month AND 9 month clothes already.
His very first tooth is coming broke through the gum two days ago...that was a bad day in the Stansbery Household.
He discovered that he can play with his he's always holding onto them.
He LOVES to play with his own hair...which is finally starting to grow.
He's obsessed with touching people's faces and chewing on tags.
He loves to watch The Weather Channel and baseball.
He had his first trip to the beach and wasn't the biggest fan of the water, but loved to sand and sun-bathing with Mommy.
He had his first trip to the North Carolina Aquarium and loved the jellyfishes, seahorses, and bubbles that were in the aquariums.
He had to have another EKG done...he's perfect and so is his heart!

He's kind of a stud!

Morning session with my little Monkey!

July 4th at the beach! 

This is how we find him in his cribs most mornings.

Watching the fireworks in Wilmington...he LOVED them!

So freaking adorable...let's be honest!

Somebody found his feet.

Getting his EKG done.

Playing in the ocean with Mommy.

Watching the fireworks with Daddy.


I can hold my sippy!

I'm 6 months old!

Sunbathing in Wilmington.

See what I mean...tags!

Our living room is really open, so it's impossible to set up baby I had to get creative.

In other news...we have a new dog.
We adopted him from the animal shelter.
He's a pit bull/lab mix and is the sweetest dog in the entire world!
Meet Kobe...
Kobe and Easton LOVE each other.

He's about four times bigger than this now...

...but still as freaking cute!

Chris spent 5 weeks in Airman Leadership School, which was REALLY hard on us because even when he was home, it's like he wasn't here because he was constantly doing homework.
But he finally finished and graduated, so we got to spend an evening with grown ups!

In other news, I'm starting to look for jobs.
This is a LOT sooner than I thought it would be and completely unplanned, but there's a couple of opportunities that could more than double our income...which, let's be honest...would REALLY help our family out!

I've started making and selling pacifier clips and hair can find them on my Etsy page or on my Facebook Fan Page!

I've missed you guys! 
Expect to hear a lot more from me on a regular basis again! :-)