Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Air Force Kind of Pregnancy

Let me start off by saying, I am extremely thankful for what the Air Force provides for me and my family, especially when it comes to healthcare! Now, with that said, I did not have the best experience with TriCare (the military insurance company). As soon as Chris and I found out that we were expecting our little bundle of joy, I called the clinic on base to get an appointment to "confirm" that I was pregnant. I thought that the 3 pregnancy tests that immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY turned positive pretty much confirmed that I was indeed pregnant, but turns out, you have to go to the clinic, pee on another stick AND have blood work done before they will refer you to an Ob/Gyn (WHO KNEW!!!). So I call the clinic and tell them that I need to make an appointment to confirm that I am, in fact, pregnant. "You don't need an appointment honey, just come on in!" Sweet, this is going to be quick and oh man was I wrong. So I take myself into the clinic and inform them of what I was told over the phone. "Not a problem! We can get you in right now!" Too good to be true right? RIGHT! After about 15 minutes of very impatiently they inform me that since Chris and I just got married, I was not yet covered by TriCare, so therefore they couldn't do anything. So I leave, frustrated and feeling completely overwhelmed. Now keep in mind, Chris was due to leave in less than a month, at which time I traveling cross-country with our dog to Oklahoma. So this was just one of about a gazillion things we had today before we both left. Chris actually beat me home that day, asked me how the doctor went, and thanks to the wonderful pregnancy hormones that were raging through my body, I start bawling. I'm now talking about just crying about something...I mean you would have thought a family member had passed away. I'm a crier to begin with...the hormones just intensify it! Long story short, we were being told about 5 different things from about 5 different places on base...and then, the light at the end of the tunnel...we finally got a hold of our TriCare representative who tells us to call a certain women's clinic in our town and I would be able to be seen. Sigh of relief right? Wrong. I call the women's clinic to set up my appointment. I'm about to confirm my appointment when the receptionist asks if I would rather have my monthly appointments during the beginning, middle, or end of the month. At that point I tell her that I will be moving to Oklahoma at the end of the month for the duration of my pregnancy, and I just wanted to make an appointment to find out my due date and make sure the baby is doing okay. She informs me that they "don't do that." That unless I will be there for the entire pregnancy they wouldn't see me. I try and explain to her that I really wanted to get this done BEFORE my husband deployed for six months. Her exact words were "That's just too bad," and then she hangs up on me. Hormones or not, I HATE being hung up on...more than just about anything! So let's just say that she got another phone call from me and it wasn't pleasant.
At this point we were pretty much convinced 
that I was pregnant!

The very first belly picture!!

About another month goes by, I've made it to Oklahoma, and to my surprise I was able to instantly get into an Ob/Gyn for my first prenatal appointment. That day was one of the most memorable days of my entire life. They do the blood work, urine analysis, and then it was time for the ultrasound. Now, miscarriages run very high in my family, and I had a nightmare the night before that when the doctor did the ultrasound I wasn't pregnant at all and she got mad at me for wasting her needless to say, I was holding my breath and scared to death. She put the freezing cold gel on my tummy, places the wand thingy to my stomach and gently presses down. I had been staring at the monitor the entire time, just knowing that I wouldn't see anything...but then I did. I saw our perfect little baby wiggling around and instantly started crying and wishing Chris could have been there with me. Then I got to hear the heartbeat...single best sound I've ever heard in my entire life. Seriously, if you hear a babies heartbeat and don't smile, you probably have a black soul. My doctor, who by the way is the most wonderful doctor EVER) tells me that I am about 12.5 weeks along, tells me my due date is January 15, 2011, and prints off 5 beautiful pictures of our precious little baby and tells me that everything looks wonderful! As soon as I got done with my appointment I get on Skype and tell him every little detail about the appointment, everything the doctor said, and finally show him the ultrasound pictures. He immediately has the biggest smile I've ever seen come over his face and begins to tear up. It was a wonderful moment for my husband and I.
The first picture of our
precious little Peanut!

14 weeks along!

My cousin Savannah went with me to my next appointment, where we expected to find out the sex of the baby! Chris and I were on edge the entire week prior to my appointment. So Savannah, Talon (her precious little boy) and myself get to the doctor's office giddy as ever! The doctor comes in, puts the cold gel on my tummy, presses down, and BOOM! there's my little bundle of joy HUGE compared to the last time and literally standing on it's head! My doctors said everything looked great, and she was about 80% sure that little Peanut was a boy, but since our little one decided to do gymnastics with their legs pinned together, she wasn't sure. Talk about a let down!
16 weeks pregnant!

Now here we are, 20 weeks pregnant, and scheduled for my first 3D scan on Tuesday!!! I was told that I will 100% find out the sex then and this couldn't have come soon enough!!! Chris and I both think that we are being blessed with a little boy, but a lot of our family members are saying I guess we'll find out!!!
20 weeks pregnant!!

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