Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorite Friday

The Bumbo...AKA Lifesaver!

                                            Mr. Elephant, who is constantly in Easton's mouth.

 Easton's Walker...he LIVES in this thing lately. He sits in and just kicks his little heart out.

Pacifier Clips - if it weren't for these bad boys, I would have lost about 12 binkies by now.

Mason jars. Enough said.

Sleep masks, again, enough said.

 Actually persuing my dream of becoming a wedding planner.

Sun-brewed sweet tea...even better is sun-brewed sweet tea in mason jars! Hey-o! 

My baby boy falling asleep in his walker clutching his blankey and sucking on his binky.

The look on my little monkey's face when he realizes he's actually the Tickle Monster. 

Handwritten notes from a 6 year-old to her baby cousin. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. We just got Elliot the same walker {but in a different print} and he LOVES it! I stuck a super puffy pillow under it so he can stand on it, too.

  2. I read that in your post earlier. Easton is the same way, he LOVES to stand, but I hadn't though about putting a pillow underneath him! That's genius! I'll have to try that tomorrow!

  3. Your little man is adorable! We were going to use the name Easton if our Callaway would have been a boy :)