Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Play Catch Up, Shall We - Part 2

So I realize that I've already written a post for today, but I'm experiencing some minor insomnia tonight, so I'm trying to waste time until after midnight so I can do Day 2 for my 30 Blog Journal (sad, I know).
Anyways, I decided that this would be a perfect time to finish catching up.
Easton was born on a Monday afternoon, and much to our surprise we were discharged from the hospital by Wednesday at noon. We had been told that it was incredibly rare for someone that had a c-section to be discharged any earlier than 72 hours, so that's what we had expected...especially since we knew they were going to be keeping a close eye on Easton and his heart. We had people come by and visit us while we were still in the hospital, but I was on some major pain medication, so I don't really remember everything. Monday night they had asked us if we wanted to keep Easton in the room with us. Not wanting to be away from my precious little boy for even a second, Chris and I decided that we wanted him to stay with us. This was an easy choice for me because I knew that I wouldn't have to get up to change any diapers or feed him (because of the c-section I was still hooked up to an iv, still had a cathader, and decided not to breastfeed). My amazing husband took over that night so I could get some much needed (and deserved) rest. Tuesday came and went and before we knew it, it was Wednesday and we were headed home. I was still in a LOT of pain, so once we got home Mom, Denise, and Chris continued to take over everything for me so I could get as much rest as possible. People were in and out for the rest of the week and Mom and Kenny flew back home on Thursday afternoon. It ended up not being as hard as we had expected because right before Easton was born Chris found out that he was going to be going to school for his new job (still in the AF) in Wichita Falls, TX, which is less than an hour from where my family lives. So knowing that it would only be 3 weeks until we saw each other again made the goodbyes easier. Denise (Chris' mom) stayed with us for another 2 weeks to help while Chris went back to work and I still healed.
Now here we are...a month later, sigh. My baby boy is a month old, has already been to four states (North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma), made a road trip halfway across the country, is already drinking 6 ounces at a time, and sleeping anywhere between 5-8 hours a night. I am truly blessed with an incredible little family. I couldn't ask for a better life...bigger boobs, yes. ;-)

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