Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Years Resolutions

 Yes, I am aware that it is almost March, but better late than never...right? I've actually been meaning to post about some New Years Resolutions I plan to follow through with this year (unlike the past 23 years).

 1. Be a better "housewife" and stay-at-home-Mommy.
     - Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a bad housewife of SAHM...I'm just not necessarily the greatest, especially when it comes to the cleaning part of the housewife duties. I love to clean, but I have to be in the mood to really want to clean. Once I get in my cleaning mood, there's no stopping me, but it might be a day or a week in between my OCD-ness. I really want to start straightening up the house everyday (dishes, keeping everything picked up, occasional load of laundry or two, etc.) and the deep cleaning at least once a week (dusting, mopping, vacuuming, washing sheets, etc.)

 2. Get down to my goal-weight.
- Right before I found out I was pregnant I had actually met my goal weight of 125. By the time I had Easton I had gotten all the way up to 160, which was literally all belly, baby and butt. 3 days after I gave birth I had already lost 20 pounds and was down to 140, which is, to be blunt, kick ass, but I've been stuck at 140 for 6 weeks now. Okay, so maybe I haven't been doing everything anything I should be doing to really jumpstart my weightloss, but I took me 2 weeks to actually be able to do anything by myself after my c-section. I'm not supposed to do any type of physical activity (according to my doctor) until I have my 6-week checkup and am cleared. (Sidenote: I was 6-weeks yesterday, but since we are traveling I'm having difficulty getting TriCare to refer me to an OB here so I can actually have my checkup.) But I can promise you, as soon as I get the "all clear" I'm getting my booty in gear. Chris bought me an XBox 360 and Kinect for my birthday (yes, he really bought a gaming system for me, not him) and it has tons of fun games that come with it. Since the Kinect system uses your body as the controller, almost every game is (at least) a mini workout, but I plan on buying The Biggest Loser workout game as soon as we get back to North Carolina.

3. Start the process of getting my wedding and event planner certification.
- I've actually been wanting to get this for a little over a year now, but for one reason or another I haven't started it yet. I've done tons of research and found two really good programs where I can do it all online and at my own pace, and they're actually both decently priced.

4. Become better at saving money.
- I am TERRIBLE at saving money. I'm amazing at spending it, which is where the problem starts. I really want to start putting money into our savings, even if it's only $20 a month...everybody starts somewhere. I have actually started clipping coupons and love it. The joy I get at the checkout counter when my total goes down from simple pieces of paper is pretty sad, but hey, I'm saving money!

5. Quit eating out as much and actually cook healthy meals.
- Over the past year, Chris and I have both gained more weight than we wanted to. So I am going to try really hard to start looking up some yummy and healthy recipes to start cooking at home for dinner. If I can do this then it will end up knocking out two birds with one stone...we'll save some money from not eating out as often AND we'll lose some weight! (If anybody has any yummy healthy recipes, let me know!)

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