Monday, February 21, 2011

What's In My Diaper Bag

 So I've seen a lot of Mommy bloggers post about what's in their diaper bags, and of course I felt the need to join in! Sorry the pictures aren't the camera battery was dead, so I had to take them with my phone.

My Kalencom diaper bag! I searched and searched for the perfect diaper bag and actually didn't find this one until about 2 weeks ago. I absolutely LOVE it and highly recommend any Kalencom products.

A view of the inside.

From top clockwise:
Diaper holder (bag was included with the diaper bag), wipes (Pampers Thick...usually I have Pampers Sensitive Thick, but I ran out the other day), Boogie Wipes Fresh Scent (these are incredible. Easton doesn't have a lot of boogies yet, but they're perfect for his precious little face after he spits up a little. Added bonus: they smell amazing!), changing pad (included with the diaper bag), Arm & Hammer odor blocking bags with holder (for those stinky dirty diapers).

Burp cloth (Gerber...these are my favorite...super absorbent and super soft), extra onesie (in case there's an accidental blowout...eeekkk), Peepee Teepee (these are amazing for little boys and their random "fountains").

Eco-friendly water bottle (I started using this after I heard that using plastic bottles for an extended amount of time can end up making children sick...I had no idea), Avent 9 oz bottle (my little man is up to a whopping 6 oz every 4-5 hours...tear), formula container with pre-measured out sections (Enfamil Infant formula).

From top clockwise:
Avent pacifier (the only ones Easton will take now), Buttpaste (a God-send), Aquaphor (I actually just buy this to use for Easton's little chapped wonders), Cetaphil (perfect for his dry skin patches...I actually got about 8 tubes of this from my pediatricin), Little Remedies Gripe Water for gassy tummy and hiccups (I use this for hiccups and it works almost instantly), Munchkin Pacifier wipes and Nursery wipes (Pacifier wipes for obviously, pacifiers and then I use the nursery wipes to wipe down any public changing stations even though I use the changing pad).

From top clockwise:
Sunglasses (Target), Trident Layers (Stawberry something or another lol), Neosporin Lips Terapy (ah-mazing), lipstick (a lighter, everyday color and a darker, special occasion color), coupons (I LOVE coupons!), wallet (Thirty-One gifts), rattle (super soft and made out of organic materials).

...and last, but not least

My Sassy notebook so I can write down notes for my blog! :-)

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