Thursday, March 3, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 25

Day 25 - Your Day, In Great Detail

Oddly enough, I was really extremely excited about this post. I'm a weirdo...I'm aware. I'm going to list from midnight to midnight the best that I can!

12am: The boys are both snoozing away. I'm, you guessed it, blogging!
1:45am: I lay down in bed, do some last minute Facebook stalking (you all do it...admit it), and prepare to catch some z's.
2am: Easton wakes up in a bad HORRIBLE mood. I spend about an hour trying to calm him down...finally he falls asleep.
3:30am: I finally turn off the tv and fall asleep.
6:15am: Chris leaves for school. I feed the little munchkin, eat some oatmeal, watch Boy Meets World then go back to sleep.
9am: The housekeeper (we're at a hotel) obviously can't read and despite the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door comes in and asks if we need anything.
11am: Easton and I both wake up. I'm so hungry I feel like I could eat an elephant and judging by the way Easton's tummy is growling, so is he...bottle time!
11:15am: Chris comes back for lunch and takes a nap while I put on my face and get dressed. Easton desides to take a little nap with Daddy.
12pm: I drive Chris back to his class so Easton and I can go run some errands.
12:30pm: Taco Bell for 2 crunchy tacos! YUMMY! Only 340 calories for both of them...pretty good for fast food if you ask me!
12:45pm: Shoe Carnival to exchange my khaki Bobs for some super cute blue stripey ones. The lady at the counter plays with Easton for about 10 minutes...seriously 10 MINUTES! As much as I love to see people gawking over him, the only thing that's running through my head is "GERMS!" Seriously, I have no idea where her hands have been. A little crazy? Maybe. But this Momma doesn't want her baby boy sick.
1:15pm: TARGET!!! Easton and I roamed around and picked up a container for his rice cereal for the diaper bag, some more Munchkin Arm & Hammer bags, new nipples for his bottles (with a bigger hole), his glow-seahorse (we named him Melvin), some batteries for his swing, a Phillips screwdriver, a new planner for me (55% off!), some index cards for recipes, an index card box for recipes, a coupon keeper, and of course...we hit up Starbucks before we left. Did you know that you can get a Venti Light Soy White Chocolate Mocha Frappucino with no whip for only 280 calories?! I had NO idea!!
2pm: Headed back to base to get the hotel key from Chris...oops...I fogot it.
2:30pm: Got back to the hotel room, unloaded the stuff from the car, got Easton's swing going, got Melvin out of the box and swung away while I finished unloading the stuff from the Target bags.
3pm: Chris gets home from school and feeds Easton while I start getting my recipe box organized and recipes onto index cards.
4pm: Chris and Easton nap while I screw around on the computer, wash bottles, pick up the room, make some labels and continue working on recipes.
6:30pm: I, once again am about to eat my leg off, so Chris and I make some sandwiches.
7pm: American Idol!
8pm: Easton wakes up. I feed him his bottle and we play for a while.
9pm: I bathe Easton and get him ready for bed while Chris watches a basketball game.
10:30pm: Easton and Chris go to bed.
10:45pm-12am: I continue to post more stuff on my blog, find more recipes, and let my insomnia control me!

Nap time with our new friend, Melvin.

Bottles, bottles, and more bottles.

Just another day!

My new coupon organizer!

New planner. I know...I'm lame.


Working on my 30-Day Blog Challenge. Almost done!

Counting calories.

Labels...on icky gold stuff. EW!

Chunky monkey.

He's smiling more and more every day!

Playing with Mommy!

He's got such a rough life.

Tummy time.

Apparently his arms were really tasty.

In the middle of a big yawn.

After bath time.

I love his robe.

Bed time with Melvin.

He loves his new friend (and so does Mommy and Daddy)!


  1. You should've posted a picture of his tummy turtle! haha :) He as already gotten bigger since I was there just last weekend!

  2. I'll post a picture of it this weekend. I didn't have his bath thing so I had to hold him with one arm and bathe him with the other so I didn't have a free hand lol.

  3. Your son is simply adorable!!! Love that you are doing a journal type thing on your blog will be so nice to look back on later! :) Thank you so much for stopping by my site and I hope you are having a Super Sunday!!!

    Liesl :)