Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weigh In Wednesdays - Week 1

Week 1

Hi everybody! Welcome to my first week of Weigh In Wednesdays!
Thank you for joining me on my weight loss journey! Your supports is awesome!
I'm going to be weighing in every Wednesday until I hit my goal weight.
Every week I'll answer the same questions and once a month I'll include pictures.
So let's kick this off!

Weight: 144 pounds
Goal Weight: 115 pounds
Exercise: Today is my first day on my weight loss journey, so none as of, I know haha
Any problems this week: Again, just starting.
Diet: The only thing that would be considered diet food this week would have been Lean Cuisines.

Now for the scary! Eeeeekkk!

Week 1:


Side view...stretch marks and all! :o)
Can anybody recommend stretch mark cream?

Other side...more stretch marks.

My everyday "uniform". Shirt of some type, sports bra, yoga pants and either tennis shoes or Toms/Bobs!

Some of my healthy favs:

I have to be in the mood to just drink plain ole water (weird I know), so I usually put some type of flavor packet in it which is almost always Crystal Light. Yesterday at the Commissary I discovered this Green Tea Peach word...ah-freaking-mazing!

I also discovered Chobani Greek Yogurt yesterday at the Commissary. I got Strawberry, Pomegrante and Blueberry. So far I've only eaten the strawberry, but it was absolutely delicious! If you haven't had greek yogurt yet, it's very thick, creamy and oh so yummy! It also has TWICE the protein as regular yogurt!

Thank you guys again for supporting me on my weight loss journey!



  1. That's a really good idea for a weekly blog! You can do it Little, I believe in you! I know it sounds "YUCK", but trying jogging. It helped me so much...and I HATED running before, so if I can do it, anybody can!

  2. I can't run or jog because of my knees, but I can speed walk like a freaking champ! LOL

  3. Good luck reaching your goal! I started counting calories and exercising last week.