Monday, March 7, 2011

30-Day Blog Challenge - Days 26-29

Let's catch up, shall we?! :o)

Day 26 - You Week in Great Detail

Since it's Monday, I'll just give you my week last week.
Sunday: Chris and I went to the Lakers/Thunder game in Oklahoma City for Valentine's Day while my mom and step-dad watched Easton.
Monday: Drove to Wichita Falls at about 3:30am so we could get Chris to class on time. He spent the day in class and Easton and I spent the day sleeping. After Chris got back from class it was nap time for him and blogging time for me. We watched The Bachelor and Pretty Little Liars and went to bed.
Tuesday: Chris spent the day in class. I spent the day blogging. TV that night...American Idol and Teen Mom 2...I missed Biggest Loser (BOO!)
Wednesday: Different day, same story...class and blogging. TV...American Idol, Modern Family, and Mr. Sunshine (wasn't impressed with that one).
Thursday: We decided to change it up that day. I took Chris back to class after lunch and Easton and I ran errands to Shoe Carnival and Target. TV...American Idol (Grey's was a re-run...BOO).
Friday: After Chris got out of class we drove to my Mom's house. My sister and her boyfriend got there shortly after we did. We watched Due Date (pretty stinking funny).
Saturday: We spent the day in Duncan with my family. I actually spent most of my day on the phone with Verizon. They decided to charge us $950 for 2 month of service...I don't think so. Needless to say, I got it back down to where it should have been.
**Pretty boring week...sorry guys!

Day 27: My Worst Habit

Eeek...this would probably have to be procrastinating. I'm pretty bad horrible about procrastinating on things, especially when it comes to cleaning. It's to the point when I make my weekly to-do list, I always give myself twice the time because I know I'm more than likely going to need it.

Day 28: What's In My Purse

A few weeks ago I did a "What's in My (Diaper) Bag" post, so now I get the chance to do my purse! YAY!

The Bag: Flaunt by Faith Nicole

The Inside

The Junk:
1. Keys
2: Germ-X To-Go wipes
3. Bath and Body Works Germ-X Warm Vanilla Bean
4. Germ-X Advanced Foam
5. Coupon Holder
6. Pampers Sensitive Wipes
7. "The Bag" I keep this in my purse so I can leave my big diaper bag in the car when we're running errands. I keep diapers, a binky and a rattle in it.
8. Wallet (Thirty-One)
9. Mine and Chris' tickets from the basketball game last Sunday
10. Boogie Wipes
11. Planner
12. My Sassy notebook that I keep with me at all times for my blog.
13. Trident Layers gum
14. Lipstick...a lighter shade and a darker shade
15. Sunglasses
16. My prenatal and iron prescriptions.
17. Favorite pen
18. Blackberry
**My camera is also always in there, but I was using it...obviously.

Day 29: Hopes, Dreans, and Plans for the Next 365 Days

I have a lot planned for the next year...
- Become more organized (if that's even possible).
- Work on NOT procrastinating anymore.
- Find a way (financially) to continue to be a SAHM
- Start and finish my wedding planner certification and start to build my client base.
- That's going to have to be all for now...Easton's not a happy boy. :-(

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  1. Hi! Fellow military wife and SAHM here :) Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Your son is adorable! I love your blog so far, I'm your newest follower.