Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Belated Valentine's Day

 So Chris and I decided this year that we were going to have a joint Valentine's Day present to make it easier on each other cause let's be honest people...men are hard impossible to shop for, at least my husband is. Since we're in Oklahoma and just about an hour away from Oklahoma City, I figured I would look online and see what teams were going to be playing the Oklahoma City Thunder while we were in the area. Chris and I are both fans of the Thunder, but our #1 team is the Los Angeles Lakers. As luck would have it the Lakers were going to be in OKC playing the Thunder on February 27th, which was a Sunday so Chris and I would be able to go. I searched and searched online for tickets, but most places were already sold out. Come on, it's two of the most popular teams in the country right now playing each other...I just knew that I wasn't going to be able to find tickets. Being the stubborn person that I am, I didn't quit searching for tickets and it paid off. I found tickets! Sure they were at the VERY top of the area (and when I say very top I mean there wasn't anybody sitting behind us) and sure I paid almost three times the face value for them, but honestly when would we ever have another chance to see both of these teams play?! So this Sunday, we left Easton with my mom and step-dad and we headed to Oklahoma City. Here are a few pictures of our first date as Mommy and Daddy!

 I'm not allowed to drive...
My name is Stevie. I have road rage.

Didn't know he was going to smile...oops.

That's better...sorta.

Can you tell I was a little excited about the game?!

Outside of the Ford Center.

ESPN NBA Experience.


Taking pictures with the National Championship trophy.

Headed to the nosebleeds.

Our section...eeekk!

Some of the Lakers warming up.

Happy Valentine's Day my love.

More warming up.

So freaking awesome!

Pau Gasol!

Pau doing some stretching exercises.

Then Lamar Odom came out! LOVE HIM!

They measured and measured and then measured some more to make sure it was where it needed to be.


The whole team warming up!

And again!

It's game time baby!

Lakers baby!!

Heck yes!

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